Vienna City Tours

“The people of Vienna are completely different

… from western and Alpine Austrians, with a different set of morals and attitudes from the rest of the country. They regard their city as incomparable – as indeed it is, after a fashion. No European capital has such a stately, imperial air – despite decades of Socialist rule, the double – headed eagle still broods overhead wherever you go – and no other European capital has such delightful surroundings …..

Beneath the appearance of gaiety among the habitués there is evidence of much hard work; beneath the superficial politeness there is much real courtesy; alongside the childishness, a great shrewdness and knowledge of mankind; and amid scepticism and carelessness, a fabulous wealth of talent.” (The Austrians – strange tales from the Vienna Woods, Richard Bassett, 1988)

It is exactly that combination of order and sloppiness, tradition and modernity, charming cosiness and big city bustle, pranksters and grumbling moaners, that makes Vienna as attractive as it is.

Vienna city tours and excursions to surrounding areas

Choose from a variety of guided tours in & around Vienna. My sightseeing program includes Vienna city tours and trips from Vienna to the surrounding areas, in fact to the whole of Austria.

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I would be delighted to guide you through the beautiful city of Vienna and the whole of Austria.

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